What’s your sound personality?

You may not notice it, but your voice is a unique part of you, conveying a unique timbre and texture. It is a key part of how people recognise you; your voice shapes how people feel when you speak.

You also have your own taste for sound, whether you like brighter and more melodic sounds, or something more dissonant. Perhaps you like silence.

Discover your sound personality in this quiz. Find out what you like to listen to. More importantly, find out how you really want to be heard.

Head to sonicality.55mins.com on mobile, or scan the QR code to start:


Sonicality is based on the premise that there are aspects of you that set you apart from others –– including a signature sound.

We designed a fun way for you to discover the sounds that make you, you. Here’s a chance for you to use sound as a tool to shape and enhance your individual identity.

This is a project produced by 55 Minutes, in collaboration with Feelers. Audio tracks were created by Artwave.

55 Minutes is a user experience design company using the human-centred approach to create joy for their users. Understanding people and getting insights into what drives human behaviour and emotions is what we do best. This helps us create better products and services that make our daily lives that much more delightful.

Feelers is a multidisciplinary artist-run label. They produce art works and experiences through cross-disciplinary collaboration and experimentation. They also curate artists who create objects, programmes, fictions, resources, knowledge and tools that resist categorisation.

Based in Singapore, the collective’s main focus is to expand their interdisciplinary and collaborative vision of art and technology. They use their work to dream of and make possible a sustainable, inhabitable and lively world.

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